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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

This beautiful, tense trash really improved my Q1 2018. I am going to have a hard time forgetting what I have seen. This movie is too real and too much of a movie all at once, like many B-movies; and usually that creates a write-off for me. So, I must celebrate even its weakest, trashiest moments.

Too real: the shadowy, unprocessed aesthetic does not flatter any of the fifteenish speaking characters: rightly so. The hospital at the centre of the film is not just as a crew of unlikeable, stressed out people, but an empathy-less, self-fulfilling system.

Technically, the orderlies are fulfilling their jobs, Sawyer is definitely fulfilling her role as a patient (pretty painful to watch). But right from the start of the film, Sawyer's manipulative tactics are the means of her everyday survival: from lying to (avoiding) her mother over the phone, to getting out of solitary confinement.

Too much of a movie: characters make strange, traumatizing decisions just to wink at me, because they know I am loving a dumb thriller. It plays this up not just an unprocessed look, but also an unprocessed soundtrack and some pretty sillily shot, barely choreographed "stunts". I have seen all of these thriller characters in more movies than I can remember, and they are unambiguously two-dimensional. They are my dumb, thriller friends, and this makes them real.

Looking forward to seeing this again.