Old ★★★★

This was a fun watch. I love a unique concept, plot hole ridden horror movie that takes itself too seriously. 
Deep and complex characters such as black guy who says “damn!” And blonde girl who takes selfies.
Felt like a throwback to 2000s horror movies like “The Ruins”. 
I will admit, the concept is actually pretty cool to watch reveal itself as the characters begin to realize what’s going on. The mystery did pull me in.
 I got what I wanted and expected out of this, a guilty pleasure sort of movie.

UPDATE: Saw this a second time, I enjoyed it a lot more. I did go into the movie the first time wanting to make fun of it, but the movie actually explores some tragic themes. I also liked the characters a lot more this time, even the smaller ones. The movie really gets the most it can out of the concept, and I can see this becoming a cult favorite in the future.