Once Upon a Time in Hollywood ★★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Probably Tarantino's most jumbled film yet also his most mature. The film is overlong with a lot of scenes that drag and don't do much to propel the narrative other than squeeze for laughs or showcase Tarantino's knowledge of the form. A few of his signature trademarks that have begun to feel dated too, the random cutaways and narration felt very forced at certain points. Yes, the feet are there too.

However, the film works best when focussing upon the friendship of Booth and Dalton. It's really really sweet and it makes the inevitable geiser of violence way more tense than it would have been if they had just been mouthpieces for cool dialogue. Dalton's arc is beautiful, genuinly found myself getting quite emotional at his return to form on the western set. Yet it's Brad Pitt who steals the show. Aldo Raine was terrific but Cliff Booth is the role he was born for. Magical stuff.

As expected the soundtrack and cinematography are on form.

Loved the ending. The final scene adds to the whole nostalgic fairytale feel of it all.

Ps. The people online complaining about violence against the Manson family are fucking dumb.