The Mortuary Collection ★★★★

Oh man what a blast. One of the finest (and most consistent) horror anthologies I've had the pleasure of sitting through. Funny, smart and most importantly pretty fucking scary.

Clancy Brown is clearly having a ball here, bringing serious Angus Scrimm energy to his take on the Creep/Cryptkeeper role. I'd happily watch him looming over people and bursting into evil cackling fits for a few more hours.

As for the segments themselves; the first is easily the weakest, more of a neat visual idea than anything else. The second and third stories are both dynamite, full of dark laughs, deeply disturbing practical scares and (in the case of the frat boy tale) amusing social commentary. The fourth story is slasher gold.

Hats off to Shudder again for their exclusives this year.

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