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  • Calibre



    That's me never going to the Scottish Highlands then!

  • Halloween



    Very decent film with some nice nods to the original film. Legendary score. Wasn't totally bowled over, could have been a bit more gritty, scary and gruesome for me.

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  • Only Yesterday

    Only Yesterday


    A truly beautiful film and one of Ghibli's most mature pieces of work. This is a nostalgic tale of a 27 year old woman who looks back on her life through the eyes of her 10 year old self. She looks over the difficult times, missed opportunities and regrets she had growing up when she's stuck at a crossroads in her life unsure of what she needs to do to become truly happy.

    Even though I've seen this a couple of times before, I found it impossible not to cry at the end. Magnificent.

  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    Not bad actually. I have issues (not commenting for fear of spoilers), but overall it's surprising just how well it hangs together given the sheer amount of moving parts.

    My big takeaway is why we need to deep fry kebabs? Is it doner or chicken / lamb? Battered? Is it just the meat that's deep fried or a complete kebab including the naan bread or pitta? This film has left me with so many unanswered questions.