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  • Seoul Station

    Seoul Station


    When I first saw this film back in 2017 I thought it was one of the bleakest things I’d seen in years. After the monumental success of Yeon’s astonishing zombie action thriller ‘Train to Busan’ I was gagging to see the animated prequel but was so shocked by how bleak the story was and how humanity was basically already fucked up beyond all repair before the zombie apocalypse even started. 

    Revisiting this film in 2020 after making my way through…

  • The Boy and the Beast

    The Boy and the Beast


    Mamoru Hosoda is an interesting auteur. The features of his that I’ve seen so far have been filled to the brim with emotional intellect and idiosyncratic personality so that is what I expect from any new Hosoda joint I find myself walking into. The Boy and the Beast was a little different. 

    For me this was very much a film of two halves. It started a little more run of the mill than I was expecting. A lost boy, an…

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  • The Invitation

    The Invitation


    The Invitation is certainly a slow burn but the payoff is pretty immense. A daunting look at loss, stability & moving on in dark, crazy L.A.

  • Scoob!


    The worst thing I’ve seen in 2020 by a meteoric mile!
    How could they fuck this up so badly?
    All they had to do with Scooby Do was do a mystery machine story with the new cast and it would have been fine. 
    Instead they tried to copy every single other kids film from what seems like the past decade but do it with an annoying wink and a punchable smile. 
    It’s The Incredibles meets Despicable Me meets Night at the Museum meets Toy Story meets Cat and Dogs meets... I can’t be fucking bothered anymore. 
    Hated every second!