Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes ★★★★

This is one of the smartest, most mind-bending debut features I’ve seen in years! It’s a 70 minute single take sci-fi time travel suspense comedy with non-stop energy & increasingly astonishing use of space. The theatre acting troupe are all so excitable and the joy of making such an ingenious project leaps from every frame. 

This was my second viewing after catching it at Nippon Connection back in June and it was just as chaotic & kinetic as I remembered & definitely just as technically impressive! The fact that this was made on such a small budget and the actors & camera crew all managed to maintain that level of energy for so long is incredible! The festival buzz and early hype has been really strong so this is looking to do great numbers!

We will be discussing this film on the podcast alongside ONE CUT OF THE DEAD, MELANCHOLIC, BE MY BABY and more as we do a deep dive on micro budget Japanese cinema that finds an international audience and makes big bank! The episode will drop mid-November

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