Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★

When I saw this at the Picturehouse a couple of months ago I went in extremely excited and left so disappointed and underwhelmed so I thought I'd give it another chance now some time has passed. Unfortunately I still feel exactly the same way!

The parts that work are all aesthetic. The look is nice and the visual effects are mostly great. The homages to Apocalypse Now and Oldboy in particular are superb. The parts that don't work are everything else. The characters are all so poorly drawn out that I genuinely couldn't care less about a single one of them and the narrative is so generic and obvious it's as easy as ABC 123. The performances are lacklustre considering the big names involved too. Hiddleston is a one trick pony, Brie Larson went from Oscar winner to superficial eye candy, Jackson and Goodman are usually good in everything but barely hold interest here and John C. Reilly is like an SNL skit character that falls flat most of the time. 

I wish I enjoyed this film more. I really do! I liked Gareth Edwards' Godzilla and I loved Jordan Vogt-Roberts' debut feature The Kings of Summer. This just leaves me cold and I'm surprised to see so many positive reviews around the place.

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