Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

Where to start with this film? It has SO much to praise!

Carey Mulligan is just out of this world good! She hasn’t put a foot wrong yet in her entire career but seeing her revel and relish in this role was glorious! Cassie is a character that will be very hard to forget, which is entirely the point!

The plethora of small supporting roles is amazing too. From the likes of likeable Adam Brody and Christopher Mintz-Plasse being extremely unlikeable, to the divine Laverne Cox and Alison Brie making huge impact from minimal screen time, to legends like Connie Britton and Alfred Molina diving in and dropping the mic. 

The first seven minutes before the title card set the tone perfectly. I knew I was going to love the film right away. I didn’t realise quite how much though. 

The first two acts are a strange mix of rape revenge thriller and romantic comedy but it works. As the third act started to creep in I thought for sure I knew where it was going but I absolutely 100% did not. I won’t say any more but it left me gobsmacked and hugely impressed. 

Emerald Fennel has done a fantastic job here. The script is dark and twisted but very funny. The aesthetic and soundtrack are brightly lit candy floss but they work perfectly with the themes and genuinely elevate the material. 

It’s just great. For a film about sexual abuse, survivor guilt, slut shaming, suicide, toxic masculinity and more it manages to be very funny and entertaining whilst also delivering some incredibly important messages and shining a light on a truly horrible reality of our society. It’s an incredible debut and so far it’s my film of the year!

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