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  • Relentless



    Probably the thing that surprised me the most about Relentless was the time span; most Westerns I've seen so far take place within a few hours or a few days at most, maybe with a single larger time jump. This one takes place over months with no explicit markers except the age of the colt and the occasional remark. There's even a standoff scene that is clearly meant to be taking place over a long period, although without the expected language of temporality. It eventually takes Buckley saying that it's been five hours to confirm that.

  • Tickled



    I respect that the process of making a documentary is as important as the subject itself, and that you have to go where the making takes you. But Tickled often seems more intent on telling the story of itself over the ostensible subject. The way it ends really does it no favors.

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  • Before I Self Destruct

    Before I Self Destruct


    There are moments throughout Before I Self Destruct where Jackson seems to become divorced of his character, and they're wonderful. They're always snippets of conversation, where the camera seems almost to have lingered too long, even as it captures a plot- or character-relevant moment.

    For all its flaws, those moments exist and are really pretty fantastic.