Blade Runner 2049 ★★★

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Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies ever. Like many, I hated it the first time I watched it, but watched it again for a film class and instantly fell in love. The gorgeous noir visuals, the bleak production design, and the sublimely emotional message just somehow clicked with me on a second watch, and I never get bored rewatching it. As one can imagine, I was especially looking forward to the promising sequel.

While watching, I was surprised to find myself disappointed in the movie. Not only did it throw away the dark, noir-ish visuals, but its story didn't resonate thematically with me like the original's did. The problem with such an open-ended movie like Blade Runner is that everyone's reasons for loving it can be so varied, so a sequel is bound to narrow the viewpoint and leave some fans in the dust.

This isn't to say that I didn't enjoy the movie. I absolutely adored Roger Deakins' haunting cinematography like everyone else, and the atmosphere is just palpable throughout. I just didn't find myself drawn into the narrative. Because my expectations got in the way of my enjoyment the first time around, I am looking forward to rewatching and writing a full review.

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