Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

loved, loved, loved this.

half a comfy hangout movie with DiCaprio and Pitt, bathed in the warm sun, eye-popping colors, and groovy music of 1969 Hollywood; half a bittersweet farewell to the films and times of yesterday.

far and away Tarantino's most mature and affectionate loveletter to cinema yet. so inoffensive and warmhearted that it's a little hard to comprehend some of the vitriolic backlash against it (the Cannes question over Margot Robbie's line count is especially absurd to anyone that's seen the film). speaking of which, Robbie is absolutely wonderful as Sharon Tate, bringing so much life, love, and utmost respect to the role- dare I say it's her best performance yet?

adored the ending, which is unexpectedly (scorchingly) cathartic and beautiful in a way that's *so* unmistakably Tarantino. I left the theater almost giddy with emotion.

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