Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

Cannes 2018

Under the Silver Lake steals Tarantino's guiding philosophy that homage can be original and sprints home with it, tossing classic Hollywood into a blender with David Lynch and smashing whichever button makes the biggest mess. And the resulting cocktail is certainly creative, a film that insists on its dryly absurdist sense of humor as much as the subtlety of an electric guitar to the face.

David Robert Mitchell’s first film after his 2014 horror masterpiece It Follows may not be quite as cogent a product, but its unhinged ambition is impossible not to admire. The film has the attitude of a week-long bender with Eyes Wide Shut and Mulholland Drive, and it’s every bit as bizarrely entertaining as that sounds. If nothing else, Under the Silver Lake is fun. After hours of Cannes‘ grounded dramas and tragedies, which are fantastic in their own right, it was a refreshing change of pace to just sit back, let the movie magic kick in, and watch a trippy nonsensical odyssey.


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