Us ★★★★½

What has taken many filmmakers about a decade’s worth of filmography to establish a name for themselves in cinema, Jordan Peele has done in only two films so far in the span of two years. That is a brilliant feat. Jordan Peele is a one of a kind filmmaker that we are seeing blossom gloriously in this generation. If these are his debut and sophomore films, imagine Peele at his peak. Through US, Peele has given us hope for original & innovative movies in the theater. Likewise, Peele is giving the horror genre a brighter future when it could be dying by companies who want to make a profit out of jump scares. US is a compelling story about ourselves that strays from what Peele established with GET OUT, and making a fascinating film in his filmography so far. The performances were fantastic (LUPITA N’YONGO FOR BEST ACTRESS), the score so chilling, the cinematography sharp, and Peele once again delivers another brilliant screenplay & direction, and brilliant level of detail in each frame, as well! For those scared of the horror genre dying, do not fear because Peele is here to save it. 96/100

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