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  • Glass



    A fucking holy crusade. Transcending the codes of society, achieving liberation through the tools our captors use to imprison us. M Night Shyamalan at his most…most. A director at the height of his formal and narrative capablities, challenging and reconfiguring the formats of his own cinema and Hollywood at large. A stupendous conclusion not just to the Eastrail 177 Trilogy, but Shyamalan's entire career.

    Quand la loi n'est pas juste, justice passe avant la loi.

    No comment.

  • Histoire(s) du Temps

    Histoire(s) du Temps


    Return of the King

    Unbelievably beautiful. I don't yet have the words to describe just how good this is. Every time this man makes I film I feel that bit more special, more privileged to know and work with him. Transforming the formats and codes of the past to create new landscapes and emotions, fully realising Pasolini's discourse on free-indirect cinema. Gives me the incentive I needed to finally start work on my next films. Sparks so many ideas and…

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  • mother!



    La Notte meets Rosemary's Baby if Antonioni and Polanski had been dropped on their heads as children.

  • Roma



    TIRED: making an empty but passable festival-pleasing hybrid of Lav Diaz and Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

    WIRED: bringing Orson Welles back from the dead.