American Assassin ★★★

Decent action flick

    Michael Keaton, Dylan O Brian and Taylor Kitsch are a good three to lead an action film. They’ve all got that look. Dylan O Brian is really great in the action scenes and Michael Keaton kills it as the mentor in the film. My three favorite parts of the film are the opening scene, the training scenes, and the torture scene.
    First off, that opening scene was NUTS, a true rollercoaster of emotions. Amazingly filmed as well. It’s really scary too because that’s how shit really goes down in real life. A very real and scary scene tbh. Especially in today’s society. The training scenes were fun to watch, especially when they were in the forest. Michael Keaton really is great at being that mentor character as well as being the character with the most experience. Lastly, that torture scene was crazy. Might be the best torture scene I’ve seen in awhile (Casino Royale is still the best tho). Taylor Kitsch plays that abandoned student really well, gives me Jason Todd from Batman vibes. 
    Now, the action is good when it happens, the hand to hand combat is done the best, but the shootouts are decent. Not too much shaky cam and the action is filmed quite well actually, but nothing special. There was no action scene in particular that made me go “whoa!” besides the training parts and opening scene. 
    I thought American Assassin was a decent action flick. It was a pretty good movie and an overall solid film tbh. It wasn’t too long, nor complex. I also liked some of the dialogue in the tense scenes, like the fight on the boat at the end, the torture scene, and even the scene where he first starts training and Michael Keaton brings up his girlfriend. The acting was great. The only problem I have is just with some of the realism. I know it’s a movie but sometimes it’s just like cmon that’s not realistic. For example, him only training 18 months yet being as good as he is. Also the ending NO SPOILERS but if that was real it would have been very different realistically. There’s also a few little things I didn’t like that much, but I don’t wanna nit pick. (Taylor Kirsch’s character has little to no character development and background. They could have given us a little more.) 
    Overall, this is a solid film. Decent action flick, entertaining, and a good time with nothing too complex. If it had another 30 minutes I would have gotten bored tho, so I’m glad it was almost a perfect length.

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