The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

the sexiest camera pan  I’ve probably ever seen

Some of the most beautiful shots I’ve ever seen in film. The cinematography, color work, and framing are all put together so well. Almost every single shot was symmetrical and everything was so well placed with nothing not having a reason for why it’s in the shot. The entire mise-en-scene from costumes and production design to the framing, lighting and colors are all woven together seamlessly with the story and it’s aesthetic. I loved how some of the shots were stop motion and some weren’t. It’s crazy Wes Anderson can bring that same vision or aesthetic he has from stop motion into live action as well. It really gives the film that Wes Anderson feel we get from all his movies. I wish I could own some of these wide shots and hang them up on my wall. 
   The film itself has many funny moments and the acting by everyone is absolutely brilliant. It is pretty fast paced and moves around a lot but the dialogue keeps you hooked. This film really reminds me of like a painting. Everything that is done, is done with a certain precision. Every shot has so much thought and meaning behind it. It’s a masterwork of film utilizing all dimensions and tracks of cinema to the T. This shit is ART.

oh yea, BIG fan of the music in this film.

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