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  • The Batman
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once
  • The Northman
  • Elvis
  • Nope


19 films

Out of what I have seen and reviewed so far. #1 being my favorite.

  • High School Musical
  • Lemonade Mouth
  • Halloweentown
  • Camp Rock
  • Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

Disney Channel Original Movies

30 films

The best Disney channel original movies  #1 being my favorite Out of what I have seen and remember enough to…

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home
  • Zack Snyder's Justice League
  • tick, tick...BOOM!
  • Dune
  • King Richard


43 films

Out of what I have seen and reviewed so far.  #1 being my favorite.

  • Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
  • Titanic
  • The Lion King
  • Stand by Me
  • Scream

My Favorite Movies

86 films

Constantly changing, but I try to keep it pretty solid. This list isn’t about which film is better, but which…

  • The Dark Knight
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • Zack Snyder's Justice League
  • The Batman
  • Batman Returns

DC Films Ranked

24 films

My Favorite live action DC Films

  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • The Avengers
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier


34 films

my opinion includes the shows that are on Letterboxd

  • The Dark Knight
  • Interstellar
  • Inception
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • Dunkirk

My Favorite Christopher Nolan Films

11 films

What I Have Seen. In My Opinion. #1 being best

  • Scream
  • The Shining
  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  • The Silence of the Lambs
  • It

My Favorite Horror Films

39 films

My favorites in order. Prime examples of the horror genre.  Most are genuinely spooky.

  • Inglourious Basterds
  • Django Unchained
  • The Hateful Eight
  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1

My Favorite Quentin Tarantino Films

7 films

What I have seen. In my opinion. #1 being the best

  • Singin' in the Rain
  • Rififi
  • Imitation of Life
  • Rope
  • Paranormal Activity

Films That I’ve Had to Watch in College

98 films

These are all the films that my various film teachers in various classes have made me watch as a film…

  • Saving Private Ryan
  • Jaws
  • Jurassic Park
  • Schindler's List
  • Hook

My Favorite Steven Spielberg Films

13 films

What I have seen. In my opinion. #1 being best

  • Rear Window
  • Psycho
  • Strangers on a Train
  • North by Northwest
  • Notorious

My Favorite Alfred Hitchcock Films

8 films

What I Have Seen. In My Opinion. #1 being best.