PlayTime ★★★★★

Like in Chaplin's final films, the primary purpose of the gags is not to entertain but to drive the ideas forward: comedy as a form of meditative study. The new world promised freedom but it has only created barriers: shattering the glass only leads to confusion, alienation is the norm. The most radical comedy I have ever seen... more modern than most contemporary movies.

"[It] is a revolutionary film, in spite of Tati: the film completely overshadowed the creator. In films, what is important is the point where the film no longer has an auteur, where it has no more actors, no more story even, no more subject, nothing left but the film itself speaking and saying something that cannot be translated: the point where it becomes the discourse of someone or something else, which cannot be said, precisely because it is beyond expression. And I think you can only get there by trying to be as passive as possible at all the various stages, never intervening on one's own behalf but rather on behalf of this something else which is nameless." — Rivette