Raw ★★★★

First time watch: July 2020
Source: Blu Ray

Raw is a french horror drama film written and directed by Julia Ducournau that tells the story of Justine (Garance Marillier), a young docile and intelligent student who has joined her sister at veterinary school. During a difficult initiation week for new students she breaks the habit of a lifetime and has meat, only her taste for meat comes in extreme forms.

I'm not normally one for Horror, mostly because this genre will often sacrifice a decent plot for cheap jump scares and gore. Thankfully Raw has depth, it doesnt sacrifice anything. With an engaging plot it's an ambitious coming of age story that sneaks in social commentary.

Theres been some controversy around the graphic content of the film but yet there was only one scene that had me squirming and it has to do with alot of hair. I just can't handle hair near food or in my mouth. Otherwise I can stomach most scenes that horror films throw at me. Films have desensitised me over the years and thats the point with modern horror, It has to find a new level to stand out in a crowded market. Raw, just like Midsommer, amps up the detail to its gore scenes, a sense of realism provides the shocks and it works. Its presented incredibly well and provides stand out moments.

I give the highest praise to the lead Garance Marillier who provides a mature and professional performance displaying some genuine talent. She offers a complexity of emotions and two very different sides of her character that are both on point. Her acting blew me away and is well supported by the rest of the cast. I could see how empowered her character became as she developed in confidence and explored her new desires. Shes at University, the perfect opportunity for this experience, Its only a phase right?

It was also a great introduction to the director who does an outstanding job. Raw is engaging and ambitious in its symbolism whilst being disturbing and unpredictable during its runtime.

Anyone else feel hungry after watching this? No? Just me? 🦵🦴

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