The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

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Year: 2014
Source: Blu Ray

The Grand Budapest Hotel is the peak of Wes Andersons work, a showcase of his talents developed over the years from Bottle Rocket to Moonrise Kingdom as he continuously improves and builds upon his own little world. His passion and dedication to the art of storytelling is on display, every moment planned to the smallest detail. It's a combination of so many returning cast members joined by some great new additions. The Grand Budapest is his best work yet.

The ensemble Anderson employs just grows until his films are bursting with appearances from returning cast that includes Jeff Goldblum and Willem Dafoe(Life Aquatic), Adrien Brody and Waris Ahluwalia (Dajeering Limited), Harvey Keitel, Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton and Lucas Hedges (Moonrise Kingdom) amongst a whole host from multiple previous titles such as Wilson, Murray and Schwartzman. I imagine Anderson as a child getting new toys but never wanting to throw the old ones out so consequently ends up with too many and struggles to include them all in his games. The cast list he has acquired adds to the familiar and unique bubble his works belong to.

His signatures are all here, theres no need to list them further but his style is evident from the first frame to the last with the use of colour complimenting the tone and setting. Moonrise Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel have similar feels as the two films show an evolved Anderson. The work by Ralph Fiennes provides much humour with a contrast between his politeness and outbursts. He delivers his lines with such panache it is a genuine delight.

With themes of loyalty and friendship we travel back over three different periods in time all with their own relevant aspect ratio. In tradition of Anderson's work everything is aesthetically pleasing with a rich texture. An immersive and relentlessly enjoyable film its exciting to see such a director work.

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