Vice Versa

Vice Versa ★★★★

Maybe this happened all over America, invasion of the body switches!

First time watch: January 2022
Source: Great Movies Channel

Vice Versa is the 1988 comedy film directed by Brian Gilbert. As an adaptation of the 1882 novel of the same name the film stars Judge Reinhold, Fred Savage and James Hong in a plot that sees father and son switch bodies and lives.

Quick Thoughts
This body switch comedy shining with 80s charm was quickly overshadowed months later by Tom Hanks star turn in Big. The similarities are obvious but the differences place Vice Versa forever forgotten in the VHS bin - and what a shame, this has become my new guilty pleasure and one I will quickly add to my physical film collection (although there is no UK Blu Ray release dammit!).

It's easy to see why Vice Versa doesn't match up to Big, for one Judge Reinhold is no Tom Hanks but there is plenty of fun and enjoyment in this quirky comedy with Fred Savage stealing the show. Watching an 11 year old drinking martinis and moaning about his day was hilarious, the wacky comedy stole my heart. As expected both characters learn alot about each other and life resulting in a heartwarming conclusion that I was happy to get onboard with.

2022 will be the year of watching more 80s titles, I adore this period of film finding a goofy relaxed approach to the comedies.

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