Elvis ★★★★

“It don't matter if you do ten stupid things, as long as you do one smart one”

I kept putting this off for a while now but do you know what, it’s actually surprising good? I feel weird saying that but it makes sense considering what a strange film this is. And by strange I don’t mean the rollercoaster that was his life but the choices made behind the scenes. It feels almost inhuman in its editing like a coked up fever dream transitioning from spinning records to the wheel of a car as the camera has a freak out and is unable to hold a shot for more than 3 seconds but then again surprisingly it works? All the best described “manic” of the film feels fitting amidst the unreal story on show yet although it works for the most part I can’t defend how long this thing feels and whatever the hell Tom Hanks was doing. That aside what a performance from Austin Butler, I had heard it was good but what an understatement excelling it from what could’ve been a gimmicky imitation to a truly passionate performance, he is Elvis and you don’t doubt it for a single second. 


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