Bang Bang

Bang Bang ★★★★

Against my better judgement (I should know by now that “viewing resolutions” never work out for me) I asked Catharina to <a href="">help beef up my cache of Brazilian cinema! It needed to happen. I also resolved to write something semi-thoughtful about why I like or dislike each film. Here we go!

Okay, so: Bang Bang. Super glad I finally got round to it. Almost like a bit of a palette cleanser to start off the “project.” I don’t imagine many before me have called this film a “palette cleanser,” but it knocked a couple of things loose and I feel like I’m all-ears now. It’s texturally quite Rocha-esque (based on my very limited exposure to Rocha) and as anarchically funny as a film from 1971 is wont to be, but it amounts to something that still feels bracingly singular. It’s wilder than an early Godard movie, but somehow demands less mental gymnastics to wrap your head around. The film is vignetted into a buzzing assortment of formal gags, free-hand digressions and some sensational music cues. Tonacci’s use of music is propulsive like pretty much nothing I’ve seen. And there’s a sense to it, even if there doesn’t have to be. One that is wild and completely unpredictable, but coherent by the end. The one (and perhaps only) substantial dialogue scene between the one (and perhaps only) moderately sane male character and the one (and perhaps only!) female character in the film is captivating and thoughtful as well, out of the blue. Worth a rewatch and a better quality print, but a great start, Catharina!

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