Court ★★★★

I meant to write something about this, one of the very best films I saw in 2017, back when I watched it in December, but I forgot! I was also just stumped by it, to be honest. Especially by that cheeky little coda that Tamhane lops on after the film has reached its logical end. This is the first time in a while that the final shot of a movie left me going, “WHAT??” It needs to be watched again before I can parse out all the intricacies, but I really just want to give it a written endorsement (for whatever that’s worth), because I am totally in awe of this debutante, who can pull off something as downright anti-dramatic and AWKWARD as this, with the elegance and confidence of someone well beyond his experience. It did help that I watched it with a friend who knew/could recognise all the languages spoken herein, since it is quite central to the dynamics and power plays involved. But there is more than enough going around for those who don’t know Hindi, Gujarati or Marathi. The complexity that Tamhane evokes effortlessly, without contriving or overstating anything, is remarkable. Regional Indian cinema is 🔥 right now.

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