Eternal Enemies: Lions and Hyenas

Eternal Enemies: Lions and Hyenas ★★★★½

"It is always sad to watch the death of a lion or a hyena we have come to know. But these endless cycles of life and death have continued throughout the ages."

I've long understood the cycle of life and death--I mean, I did see The Lion King--but seeing this movie when I was about 22 drove that understanding home. The "good" lions kill, the "bad" hyenas steal their kills and sometimes kill those lions, but really no animal or parasite or bacteria or virus--or maybe even cancer cell--is good or bad, it just is, and they all are in a fight for life and death that has continued through the ages. Watching this some 12 years ago, I hated the hyenas like I hated cancer. Really, it's all just nature. We're all just eternal enemies. And this movie was pivotal in my understanding of that concept, even as I wanted to cry for the fallen lions.

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