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  • The Meg

    The Meg


    The best summer blockbuster of the year. The year is 1998.

  • Heavy Metal 2000

    Heavy Metal 2000


    Heavy Metal:Heavy Metal 2000::The Blues Brothers:Blues Brothers 2000

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  • The Boogens

    The Boogens


    The Boogens is the most perfectly adequate horror movie ever made.

  • Kuso



    The night before I watched Kuso, I watched Trevor Juras' "The Interior." I liked it pretty well, and I thought a couple of scenes were surprisingly effective, but when the credits rolled, I felt empty. "I'm getting tired of these pretentious art house mumblecore horror movies where nothing really crazy happens because they didn't have the budget for a rubber monster," I thought to myself. Thankfully, Flying Lotus heard my prayer.

    This is a weird, jarring, offensive, disgusting movie, but…