Aziz Ansari: Right Now ★★★★

You might have sixty hangs left with your parents. Maybe it's easier to lie to your Alzheimers-stricken grandma. R. Kelly bad. Michael Jackson ... almost definitely bad, but how do we excise our earliest music memory? We might not get to do the things we want to do forever, so let's appreciate the moments we get to do them. Right now. I'm sure a segment of the internet will never forgive Aziz for the allegation against him. I don't know the precise details of the date in question. Things are tricky, lines were crossed, communication broke down. He addresses it almost right away, not only examining how bad he felt, but appreciating that guys around him thought about every date they'd ever been on, and at least that was some positive to take away. The woman in question probably has a different way of framing the encounter.

Aziz is clearly changed, at least as presented in this special, at least when told to on cue. Shot on film by Spike Jonze, the camera mostly hovering right next to Aziz. Gone are the suits, the glitzy production values, the big screens, the gallivanting across the stage (mostly). It looks different from every other special. It's just Aziz and a stool, Metallica shirt and jeans, the stage itself bearing cables and wires in the background, "raw". It's a weird world we're in: the very discussion of being "changed" as presented in a commodified act, how to determine if it's genuine or slick PR. If you take Aziz at his word, along with the other themes of the special, it's a powerful statement on humility, appreciation, and reflection.