Breakfast at Tiffany's ★★★½

For all the cultural significance and iconography of Audrey Hepburn as a posh New Yorker, this movie is about a pretty damaged woman who is married and assigned as stepmother at 14, sneaks into the apartments of strange men and then bristles when they ask her any questions, calls people by the name of her brother. She hustles and is good at it, but her real thing is running from moment to moment with as little attachment as possible. Anyway I was concerned for her, but, live your life and don't throw cats away.

Movie looks great, the on-the-street photography just wowza. Hepburn is adorable as always and it's fun to watch her drunk. The main dude is quite a bore, mostly just observing her hijinks? I'll take that sequence of them at the five and dime, Tiffany's, the library, just screwing around, any day. That party is weird. It's fine! Good even! Amazing they ruined its legacy with a completely superfluous racial stereotype, like the most unnecessary, just fumbling it right at the goal line with how useless the character is. Mickey Rooney apparently said he forgave the people who were offended. What a flex!