Miami Vice ★★★★

"Somebody's got to go somewhere, some when."

A couple friends and I snuck into this in the theater after seeing something else, watched about 20 minutes, and if memory serves correct, just kinda cackled at how bonkers it was. Might have been the grenade part. Anyway, 13 years later, I'm pretty much in that same place ... but now it's ... cool? I honestly have no idea. Is it a bad good movie? A great bad movie? Just a solid movie? It's a kaleidoscope of tastes, film formats, camp and noir, Michael Mann taken to his logical extreme. It has Mogwai, Linkin Park, and Audioslave on the soundtrack. Jamie Foxx says "Ships move, that's why they call them ships." It's almost all mission, the interiority of anybody barely hinted at until well into the runtime. It shifts from awful mid-2000s standard definition night scenes to some of the most beautiful shots of planes and clouds I've ever seen. Collin Farrell has a strong accent for LITERALLY ONE SCENE in the middle of the movie and drops it completely. I think I love it? I truly don't know. Gong Li - we salute you.

"That's the sound of air rapidly filling the vacuum created by your departed body". Yes, Michael Mann, YESSSSS.