The Blair Witch Project ★★★½

Surprisingly effective not so much as a ghost story, but as a story of ever-increasing madness, infighting and the loss of hope. Impossible to replicate the feeling of seeing it 1999, or even as a teenager in the 2000s in a basement of friends knowing it's not real, or really any semblance of circumstances that would give it the impact its so famed for. Was a big gap I had that I was spurred to fill while reading Brian Rafferty's "Best Movie Year Ever: How 1999 Blew Up The Big Screen." Sad to read about the backlash to Heather Donahue in particular, and the stunted effect this had on the careers of the actors who casting agents and producers were told were uh .... no longer alive at the highest point of their fame, and thus uncastable (or casting agents who told them they weren't actually acting??). Enduringly creepy and well-done for the uniqueness of its production and concept.