The Exterminating Angel ★★★★

The party must go on. Class is a prison, a set of customs, learned behaviors and objects that trap us into an endless routine of show. The high walls and fences to keep the masses out become a way to keep you in. Etiquette is a mindless parade that keeps you from acting how you would otherwise, until it breaks down and the new etiquette is now a rebuke of the former etiquette. There's such a Twilight Zone quality to this that I wonder if Serling or Bunuel influenced one another. I love that the reason they can't leave is not structural or supernatural, but just this ephemeral lack of will and conviction to do so, for me seemingly a condemnation of elites' inaction and lack of purpose in their comfortable state, driven by little else than the confirmation of others. There's so much more to read into, though. I also like any movie about the complete breakdown of a situation; there's one funny bit where the sole servant takes the crumbled bits of the wall and just throws it on a new pile, like most of society's problems where the mess is just shifted around rather than actually resolved.