Viridiana ★★★★½

Brutal. Cruelty and pain do not stop for the pious or the generous. You can save one dog from being dragged by a cart, but there will always be another one suffering that eludes your caring arms. You can appease your uncle's strange obsession with your likeness to his wife, but he will abuse this to keep you from returning to the convent. You can open a shelter for the poor, but they may take advantage, rob and steal, rape and murder. It's rather bleak and frankly a little right wing from the notable anti-fascist, who you think would have a more charitable view of people. But perhaps it's not an entire worldview, and more of a critique of religion as a stopgap between the noble and the based. You can't change people solely with kindness or sacred symbols.

The uncle segment is horrifying in full gothic horror mode, reminded me of "Rebecca" or "The Most Dangerous Game." The little touches of shots of the jumprope, the crown of thorns being burned.

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