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  • Rodan



    Ishirō Honda brings Toho's monsterverse beyond Godzilla and into the world of color with handsome photography by Isamu Ashida. A smaller scale beginning delivers moody mystery with the caves and creepy bugs, but the flow is really clunky as we transition to Rodan as the main threat. The middle sags a good bit under the weight of scientists and military types expositing about what's happening. Godzilla did a great job of having this exposition come from and intersect with characters…

  • Network



    When people talk about a film being “electric,” this is the textbook example. I was on a high watching this film. It takes a brief moment to get its momentum going but once it does, it doesn’t quit. I’m so glad I had the good fortune of seeing this film without being let in on the ways it develops, the fluctuations in tone and style, all of a piece but always exciting. I probably heard about the ending at some…

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  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters


    I can’t help but feel like this movie might gain as much as a star if they would have just turned up the volume on the score.

    If I could actually hear the music well, it wouldn’t fix the baffling character decisions, or the convoluted plot, or the deus ex nostalgia plot points. But at least then the music and images could come together to sell the big moments. The music--especially heard on album, in its full vibrancy--seems to be…

  • Prince of Darkness

    Prince of Darkness


    Carpenter continues his unofficial apocalypse trilogy with an excellent cocktail of Hammer Gothic atmosphere, Italian horror kills, and his own unmistakable essence.

    This was my second viewing of the film. In my first viewing, I was dumbfounded by the length of the opening credits, strained at some of the talk of quantum physics and the nature of reality, and yelled at the screen in the hopes a character would survive a scene in a closet. This time around, the opening…