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  • Palindromes



    Solondz continues to spin his wheels after HAPPINESS, this time he tries to challenge the nature of film characters while taking easy shots at pro-choice and pro-life camps, none of which are as sharp or funny as those Alexander Payne took in CITIZEN RUTH. Instead here we get Christians passing freedom toast and performing handicapped dance numbers to gospel music, satire on the level of a lame episode of South Park. There are a few funny moments and lines of dialogue, but this is clearly the work of someone without much to say.


  • This Land Is Mine

    This Land Is Mine


    Renoir does some beautiful things here and Charles Laughton gets to stretch his theatrical muscles, but nothing can overcome the trite Dudley Nichols screenplay which spells out everything and then supplies a speech to tell you how to feel about it.


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  • Captain Phillips

    Captain Phillips

    Second viewing of finished film, umpteenth viewing of film in some form and I watched all the dailies while I was working on the film as an Apprentice Editor before it was moved to the UK to finish editing in order to take advantage of rebates. I'm gobsmacked by Hanks' take on post traumatic shock every time I see it, I remember watching the dailies and the first take, the medic kept messing up her take but Hanks guided her…

  • The Big Short

    The Big Short


    Editors are not usually recognized as auteur figures but Hank Corwin is a special case, he has such a distinctive style that it shapes whatever material he touches and it becomes uniquely his own. You will notice a couple things if you look at his IMDB, one that he a credited editor on Oliver Stone's most aggressively edited features, NATURAL BORN KILLERS to U-TURN and I think it's fair to assume much of the hyperkinetic editing and jarring rhythms of…