All the Colors of the Dark ★★★½

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Second viewing, first was 2007 and i'm unsure it was this same edit.

A close approximation of a nightmare. Structured to disorient with flashbacks, dream sequences and flash-forwards bleeding into each other; encouraging you to distrust reality and relate to a thoroughly unreliable narrator. Sergio Martino wrings out tension like a master, establishing a threat and then slowing time to an absurd, teasing crawl while the menaced protagonist finds her screams unanswered. Bruno Nicolai's score is unusual (sitar and choir heavy) but very effective, especially in these sustained set-pieces, where the music accentuates the duration of the suspense with long building crescendo. Martino is also unashamedly generous with psychedelic cinematic effects made popular in giallo by Bava and continued by Argento: primary color lighting schemes, wide-angle lens distortion, kaleidoscopic filters and slow-motion are layered expressively to heighten the unreality of the images. I need to revisit YOUR VICE IS A LOCKED ROOM AND ONLY I HAVE THE KEY soon because these Martino giallo are all growing in my estimation with repeat viewings.