Road House ★★★½

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Second or third complete viewing but this has been a part-time staple for years because like a series of outrageous skits any individual section of the film has it's own logic and momentum. I don't tend to like my cult movies to be completely inept and I would argue that there is a certain amount of knowing to the screenplay which is sometimes genuinely funny and Rowdy Herrington's direction which embraces the camp excess without winking too much at the audience, I have a feeling he knew he was making something both fun and funny (he was fresh off the underrated independent serial killer thriller JACK'S BACK which also has a goofy undercurrent to its ridiculous story). Either way, knowing or naive, this film is endlessly watchable and more quotable than any "bad movie" has the right to be (my favorite being bad guy henchman's putdown: "I used to fuck guys like you in prison").