The Room

Watched in preparation for THE DISASTER ARTIST and yep, it's bad. There's a basic level of ineptitude to the technical filmmaking, shots out of focus or so badly composed that the characters are spilling off the side of the frame, the background plates of SF are poorly shot and have not been keyed in well. Tommy Wiseau's directorial style seems hugely indebted to 90s Cinemax softcore films but I'm pretty sure I also caught a homage to one of my favorite shots from THE TALENTED MR RIPLEY, where during a confrontation Wiseau pans from one profile close up across dead space to another close up, just as Minghella did just before Ripley killed Greenleaf on the boat, so he's stealing from sources high and low. His writing has a strong theatrical bent, with characters often sounding asides to the audience directly, and Wiseau clearly has some aspirations towards Tennessee Williams melodrama, but there's very little plotting carrying the film along with most scenes just repeating previous scenes or ending abruptly before they have the chance to do much of anything. There is something very surreal about how wrong the world of this film feels, it's a singular worldview that feels both alien and alienating and there's probably some real pain beneath it,