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  • Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces

    Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces

    1. Ceiling fan
    2. Full scene at the Hayward's
    3. Full last meeting between Laura and Bobby (some of Dana Ashbrook and Sheryl Lee's finest acting in the film, imo)
    4. Leland and Bob looking directly at Laura's hiding place in the hedge on the night of her murder

    100% ought to have been retained.

  • Holy Smoke!

    Holy Smoke!


    You people (the hoi polloi and ratiocentric, usually male cinephiles) extend courtesies to Ford (broad comic stereotypes), Lynch (deranged, exaggerated depictions of domestic violence and sexual vulnerability, complex tonal whiplashes), Malick, and, occasionally, Aronofsky (theses spoken aloud/allegories veiled with tissue paper, characters that neither adhere to the conventions of psychological realism nor serve as one-dimensional avatars for ideas, but exist in their own space between or above these modes) and Maddin (gonzo stylistic play, bald Freudianisms) that you do not…

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  • Celine and Julie Go Boating

    Celine and Julie Go Boating


    Someone brought their ~9 year old (!) daughter to this screening. Judging by the throaty giggles which erupted from the front of the theater during Julie's magicienne-burlesque parody act, I'd say she not only "got it" but was 100% on its wavelength. That is righteous parenting, folks. 

    Go read the first two pages of Farber's Kitchen Without Kitsch for the dope.

  • The Long Day Closes

    The Long Day Closes


    "Tammy" deserves every rapturous mention, but can we talk about this refracting door pane? I mean, fuck. If Bud swinging on a steel beam says everything about the bittersweet, precarious moment between his childhood and adolescence, this shot does the same for his awakening to sex and sexual difference. It's terribly beautiful and very, very sad/tender.