Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon ★★★★

Dog Day Afternoon may not break the mould of narrative story-telling, but it is raw, it phenomenally performed, especially Pacino, I mean... come on, the guy is just out of this world & full on too real, although some times moments do feel a little fabricated. It'll be interesting to see reading into this to see if any of this was factually incorrect, which I'm sure moments were.

It's great, because it's one of those films where... it takes a great look at society, people, reactions, the 70s, family, friends, love and hate, it has action and high drama, it's what film was made to be for. I will admit there were moments that I felt were a little on the nose, & I thought it would've been cool to subvert expectations at the end, but if it's factually based, I suppose they had no choice. Also Sal... dude, chill my man.