Deadwood: The Movie

This doesn’t feel like a movie. I watched the first 2 seasons of this show back when, and while I wasn’t a mega fan, I liked it. I liked Brad Dourif and Ian McShane and the oddly comforting cardboard-cut-out-ness of Olyphant. But I had forgotten a lot. Foremost, the pseudo Shakespearean-by-way-of-the-old-West prose. Which I’m vaguely recalling was speak adapted from the way people wrote in that time... anyway... Underwhelmingly, the movie played for me like a 2 hour mid-season throw-away episode of the show. Perhaps to mega fans it was something special, but to me it was a slight feeling B-side to that series, that certainly doesn’t stand on it own two feet. Side note: just remembered I saw the Entourage movie in a movie theater. This was not as bad as that— this wasn’t even “bad” it just kinda felt like... content.