• High Fidelity

    High Fidelity


    So formative for me creatively and personally. Still practically perfect in every way. Top five all time romcoms.

  • Zodiac



    The best filmmaking just great. Love seeing SF in this way. The David Shire score only makes the shadow of Hitchcock feel more deliberate. In the age of murder docs it’s potency and intrigue was sadly dulled for me on this watch. Jumps time so quickly making moments of catharsis rare, which is a shame.

  • The Judge

    The Judge

    Didn’t make it through.

  • Soapdish



    As a showcase for early 90s aesthetic in the grotesque, it's priceless and perfect. Kevin Kline is at his best with what he's been given. The rest is pretty underwhelming. Contrivance abounds. Sort of plays like a lethargic farce. A comp to Tootsie is obvious for its soap opera setting, but that movie uses the setting (10 years prior, suspiciously similarly, and…) to far more resonant dramatic effect. The final "reveal" has not aged well. Might make a good musical.

  • Plan B

    Plan B


    Kuhoo Verma is so engaging and funny and on point. I really liked this movie. In many ways it’s a fairly routine “buddy comedy” but a lot of the nuances and choices made within those confines are solid and unique and give it a new feeling sheen (including of course the fact that the ticking clock isn’t merely the sun or graduation, but getting to Planned Parenthood before it’s too late). It also lacks any sense of woke-porn desperation that…

  • Small Engine Repair

    Small Engine Repair

    Loved the performances. Terrific and organic feeling integration of comedy. A little narratively unbalanced but a fun time.

  • Bo Burnham: Inside

    Bo Burnham: Inside


    I think Bo Burnham is brilliant. There's very little that's visceral about the comedy in this special, and that may be a turn off for most from the get-go. It's almost all musical theatre style musical pieces, which are all highly intellectual in conception and execution. But if you aren't grated by the methods of delivery (even I am sometimes, despite being a fan) there are some real meta treasures within. Layers upon layers of self-absorption recounting and examining the…

  • Friends: The Reunion

    Friends: The Reunion

    You know the way you despise Applebee’s and the cultural vacuum it represents, but then you go and your waiter is super nice and you’re like “ah shit, what am I complaining about?” I feel this way about Friends, if that makes sense. 

    I hope Matthew Perry is okay. He comes across as in-pain. It’s sad to see. If you watch him in The Whole Nine Yards, he was a true and unique comedic voice.

  • Mare of Easttown

    Mare of Easttown

    After the SNL sketch, this series will always be Murdur Durdur to me. Easy to watch Sunday night faire.

  • Affliction



    After Fargo it seems like “small town cops in the snow” movies had a moment. I think there were several of them— A Simple Plan comes to mind. It took me a minute to realize that despite appearances, this isn’t one of those movies. 

    This one is all Nolte, at least for me, and also a little bit Schrader, sure. For a while I wasn’t sure what Nolte was doing with the role, and I had mistaken the movie for…

  • Cruella



    Every movie is a miracle, and to say nothing of the blood, sweat, and tears necessary to make this happen... this movie bored the hell out of me, and also bothered me a little. Not only because it’s narratively derivative in most imaginable ways leading to three endings (or at least moments I hoped it was over) of increasing insignificance, without any sense of discovery and surprise, cuz we already know where it’s all going— but mostly because of its…

  • Police Story

    Police Story


    The fact that the movie doesn't really "end" but rather goes directly into a behind-the-scene montage as credits role tells me that Jackie Chan knows what it is he's made... it's a stunt movie... a stunt comedy... unlike Jackass (oddly sort of the modern equivalent) however, the awe comes not from the shock value of its star taking actual punches and worse, but from the artistry of making it appear so in as poetic a medium as ballet. Chan and…