Favorite films

  • Chocolate Babies
  • Around Orouët
  • Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean
  • The Company of Strangers

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  • Distant Voices, Still Lives


  • Fresh Kill

  • Chan Is Missing

  • Drag Me to Hell

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  • Fresh Kill

    Fresh Kill

    maybe i'm just a (fresh) killjoy cause i find this kind of filmmaking—endless disconnected vignettes, slam poetry shit, yelling/laughing/monologuing directly into camera, hysterical acting—insufferable regardless of how much i appreciate its aesthetic devices or resonate with its politics or admire how well it synthesizes the two

  • Crank: High Voltage

Popular reviews

  • Timeless Bottomless Bad Movie

    Timeless Bottomless Bad Movie

    for every depraved thing that happens in this it was the inclusion of the photographer's reaction to *that* scene that 1) refuses the audience the kind of detached, morbidly curious mode of viewing that typically accompanies the found-footage genre (not to limit this film to that) and 2) makes me believe jang sun-woo is saying something more complex here about spectatorship, voyeurism, and our complicity as documentarians in the destruction, self-imposed and otherwise, of our marginalized subjects. the one event…

  • Every Day In Kaimukī

    Every Day In Kaimukī

    my connections to the material make it impossible for me to be impartial about this film. i was born and raised in hawai’i; i know, personally and peripherally, over half the cast, locations, and events featured; and i’m in kaimuki every other day (and considering moving there soon). later this year, i’m also planning a trip to new york, still questioning whether or not that stay should be permanent. for someone who rarely travels and attended a state university, hawai’i…