Every Which Way But Loose

Every Which Way But Loose ★★★

Exuberantly silly and hilarious comedy from Clint Eastwood and company (Sondra Locke, Ruth Gordon, Beverly D'Angelo, Geoffrey Lewis) kept me in stitches throughout. (This was a massive hit at the time: I have a vague memory of seeing bits of it on TV as my professor father chuckled.) Loved the hapless dumbass biker gang: they're like a bunch of asshole idiot proto-T**** supporters. Great to watch Clint kick their asses! This has an evocative feel for the wide-open American west and for country music. I dug the footage of Mel Tillis and Charlie Rich performing. In a strange way, with its documentation of the honky-tonk scene of the late '70s, this makes a good companion for reading Peter Guralnick's Lost Highway. (This would have been the same era as Guralnick's interview with Rich.) Clyde forever!! (Wonder how Rich liked the use of Behind Closed Doors for the scene where Clyde scores?)