The Fantastic Night

The Fantastic Night ★★★

An elegant and amusing romantic fantasy about a man who falls in love with a woman in his dreams. I like Michael Wilmington's take: "Falling asleep at the market, he finds her in a fantastic Paris where the borders between dream and reality seem light as champagne, misty as the Seine at dawn. Full of allusions to Georges Melies and classic French fantasy films, Nuit is one of the era's loveliest and most charming--and in America, sadly little seen--works." I wished I hadn't missed Jonathan Rosenbaum's class on this film offered through the Siskel. (Looking over his syllabus was what tipped me off to watch the film.) I would've liked to have heard more about how the film is haunted by the Occupation, and why the happy ending is actually disturbing—two ideas I gleaned from his capsule review. Can't quite make that bit out about the ending. Did they not recover from the poison?