Stalker ★★★★★

My dog growled when the dog was on the screen.

Holy sh*t. Where do I begin? First off, it reveals information suuuuppperrr cleverly, and the way it reveals information it makes your imagination make the universe feel bigger, and it makes the story more unpredictable. The cinematography was fantastic! It is over 160 minutes long, and there are only about 140 shots! Holy sh*t! The way it uses color make the universe feel gross when they are not in the Zone. They could have used black and white, but the brown really elevated it. It is a really pasient movie, and the shots are incredibly long, but it just feels like you're there with the characters. It is really slow but it was never boring. The music was great, and the use of music was awesome. It was really phylosophical and memorable. Just fucking great, and really deserves a spot on the list of best movies ever. Can't wait to see it again! F*cking mastapeece