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  • Mysterious Skin
  • The Craft
  • Grey Gardens
  • Gypsy 83

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  • Dolores Claiborne

    Dolores Claiborne


    The best Stephen King book adapted into the best Stephen King movie. Kathy Bates is just about the greatest actress in the world, this performance is absolutely, completely sensational, it’s why I love actresses. Brilliant!!! This movie every time I watch I just get completely lost in. Nova Scotia what a dreary dream.

  • Infinity Pool

    Infinity Pool


    As much as it tries to be smart and cool and warped, in the end I found it was anything but. Instead it’s just a kinda gorey and gross nonsensical thing that seemed to get less and less appealing as it went on.

    Absolutely living for Mia Goth demented bimbo vibes though.

    Watched UNCUT in cinemas, because in Australia we got the uncut version, which is very Australian IYKYK.

Recent reviews

  • Joy Ride

    Joy Ride


    A super fun lil throwback to watch tonight. I used to watch this film a lot back in the early 2000s. Still holds up as an excellent and effective thriller to have you on the edge of your seat. Paul Walker was never more beautiful than he is in this.

    It’s actually called ‘Roadkill’ in Australia.

  • The Runaways

    The Runaways


    Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-Cherry BOMB!! 🍒💣

    A pretty bleak movie, overall, this isn’t some flashy and cool music biopic, but more of a serious and kinda depressing and drug fuelled type one. Loved the performances, Dakota Fanning was especially strong, and of course Kristen Stewart kicks ass. Great songs too. But yeah, just kinda depressing and sullen.

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  • The Menu

    The Menu


    The satire didn’t land. The humour didn’t land. The whole thing just felt like a bit of a mess. Ready or Not/ The Hunt/ You’re Next takes the similar concept and executes it much better.

    Anya is exquisite though and is the saving grace, at least for me.

  • White Noise

    White Noise


    There’s a good movie in here somewhere, some genuinely great moments through the middle part of the film, it’s all just surrounded by so much mess and pretentiousness that by the end I didn’t care at all. Overall, pretty pointless.