Villains ★★★½

You get so see an outline of Bill Skarsgard’s hard cock in this movie, if that ain’t reason enough to watch it then rest assured with that aside the movie is still a great watch.

Maika Monroe is awesome, she’s great at playing the saucy badass that always manages to be the voice of reason, even in a movie like this that is quite frivolous and essentially a comedy, she still comes across as the smartest person in the room. She should be a much bigger star by now.

Kyra Sedgwick and Jeffrey Donovan were excellent too, they actually looked like they had a blast playing their wacky roles. 2 great roles for 2 great actors that seldom get the chance to shine.

When watching this movie you really have to suspend disbelief, it’s extremely far-fetched, but it’s a good time, it’s a fun movie, so switching off for 90 minutes is very much worth it.

Oh, did I mention Bill Skarsgård’s hard penis?

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