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  • All Eyez on Me

    All Eyez on Me


    All Eyez On Me, in essence had the material to be something great, yet it was bogged down in shoddy editing/directing combined with the overuse of slow motion, an uncountable amount of cuts and some terrible ADR.

    Its not all bad Demetrius Shipp Jr. gives a pretty awesome performance given his first major acting role and has the uncanny look of the great Tupac Shakur. Im grateful that a movie like this was able to made as I'm sure it had its difficulties but all in all there were just to many fractured parts to make this thing a cohesive whole.

  • The Beach

    The Beach

    I remember watching this movie when i much younger thinking it was good..... I was wrong its not good at all.

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  • Kong: Skull Island

    Kong: Skull Island


    Kong: Skull Island looks visually impressive but fails to execute much else.

    The straightforward and rather lacklustre plot has John Goodman’s Character scrambling up a team of scientists and left over soldiers from the Vietnam War effort (Samuel Jackson and Tom Hiddleston) to infiltrate a newly discovered island continually surrounded by severe weather sheltering it from the outside world. Here we meet Kong through a series of savage encounters and discover the true nature of this mysterious island and what…

  • Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange


    Weird, Trippy, visually impressive, and basically one giant Rorschach test.

    Doctor Strange follows Stephen Strange played by Benedict Cumberbatch a cocky world class surgeon as he seeks alternate healing measures after enduring a near death car crash. Without giving too much away he travels to the east meeting Tilda Swinton's character The Ancient One where Strange is taken into the world of sorcery and magic.

    I am a fan of the Marvel movies in general but a lot of these…