Inside Llewyn Davis

Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

Coen Brothers have an impressive filmography, so as part of Luis’ challenge wanted to start out with this one as a first time viewing and my oh my, made the right/wrong choice. Inside Llewyn Davis follows the struggling artist that is Llewyn Davis and a week of his life, I love how the Coens adapt to the filmmaking, especially since in this film it has a unique look to it compared to their other work. However, the film’s writing has those dark comedic moments the Coens do masterfully, that hit the film for it not to be totally depressing, yet never stays too long for the melancholiac ride to hit you hard.

The film has an impact, in which anyone whose gone through tough times can feel or just relate. Llewyn Davis comes off as a bad person to some people, but he’s a damaged character trying to get by, not in the best way possible although one sees where he’s coming from. This cast is just perfect, Oscar Isaac kills it and the others bring powerful performances as well!

I will definitely enjoy this more on the long run, I’m not surprised if I keep thinking about it after a while.

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